Hysterectomy Recovery

It’s important to prepare for your hysterectomy recovery.

You should arrange to have a family member, friend or partner help with transportation and daily tasks immediately after surgery. Your hospital stay, pain and mobility will all depend on the type of surgery you have and other personal factors. Below is some common information about recovery from hysterectomy. Ask your doctor what to expect after hysterectomy and the best way to prepare for your recovery.

Hospital Stays

The amount of time you spend in the hospital after surgery will depend on the type of hysterectomy and type of procedure that you have. Ask your doctor what to expect for your hospital stay. Complete recovery from hysterectomy may take a few weeks up to several months.

You should consider both the physical effects and emotions after hysterectomy:

Hysterectomy Scar:

You may have a visible hysterectomy scar depending on your procedure. Abdominal, laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomy procedures leave visible scarring on your abdomen. It’s important to keep the incision areas dry for a few days after surgery. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to take care of the wound dressing. You may need to return to the hospital to have stitches removed.

Hidden Scar Hysterectomy does not leave a visible scar or reminder of your surgery. Because this procedure uses your body’s natural opening, no one can tell that you’ve had a hysterectomy surgery.

Sex After Hysterectomy:

You want to let your body heal before having sex after a hysterectomy surgery. It is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks or longer to reduce the risk of complications and infection during hysterectomy recovery.¹

Exercise After Hysterectomy:

Follow your surgeon’s instructions after surgery. Often times, patients are encouraged to walk as soon as they are able to. Walking may prevent blood clots². You should not lift heavy objects or exercise after hysterectomy until your doctor says you can.

Pain After Hysterectomy:

Expect to have some pain after your hysterectomy procedure. The amount of pain will depend on several factors including the type of hysterectomy that you have and the number of incisions that are made.

Depression After Hysterectomy:

After a hysterectomy surgery, you will not be able to become pregnant. Many women feel sadness, a sense of loss, or depression after hysterectomy surgery. Prepare for your emotional recovery from hysterectomy by talking to your doctor, friends and family. Find support from other women who have had a hysterectomy.


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