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    Sara G. Miller, Fox News Health
    Source: Sara G. Miller, Fox News Health

    Hot flash genes? Symptom linked to DNA variation

    by jeff

    The reason one woman gets hot flashes while another woman stays cool and comfortable through menopause may come down to differences between their genes, a new study finds. Read more.

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    Darah Zeledon
    Source: Darah Zeledon

    Holy Sh*t! I Just Gave Birth… to My Uterus!

    by jeff

    The factory has been shut down. The equipment was failing and has thus been discarded. That’s right, I’m talking about my Cervix, Fallopian Tubes, and Uterus — and oh yeah, the grapefruit-sized tumor hanging off of it displacing everything else in the region. Read more.

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    How a SuperModel Got Her Life Back

    by jeff

    Her stunning beauty has graced the cover of 500-plus glossy magazines. And back in 1974, Beverly Johnson blazed a trail as the first African American supermodel featured on the cover of Vogue. But, even supermodels have bad hair days, or worse, get struck down by illness. Read more.